Transport & Infrastructure

Cost Benefit Analysis for Deep Water Quay and Grand Harbour Passenger Infrastructure Projects

Collaboration with Ecorys b.v. on a Transport Malta project resulting in and update of an existing financial feasibility report, a separate cost benefit analysis including funding gap analysis for each of the infrastructure projects drawn at the financing application level and relevant input to the EU financing application.

EC Study on Manning Conditions In Intra Community Transport Services

An extensive set of surveys for Local Authorities, Operators and Social Partners involved in transport, culminated with an analytical report.

Research and Presentation on the Role of Maritime Policy for Small European Islands

Research completed with a presentation covering Sustainable Energy and Maritime Policies in the EU, Characteristics of Small Island Jurisdictions and Policy Orientations for EU Small Island Jurisdictions towards Sustainable Development in the Energy and Maritime Sectors.

Cost Benefit Analysis of Existing and Proposed Marine and Port Structures in Malta

Assess the economic and financial feasibility of repairs to be conducted on the Grand Harbour and Marsaxlokk breakwaters in line with EU requirements requested for funding purposes.

A Study on the Socio-Economic Impacts of the Grand Harbour Yacht Marina Project

This report presented a socio┬Čeconomic study regarding the development of a yacht marina at id-Dahla tat-Tarzna (Dockyard Creek), Cottonera. It was undertaken as part of an overall environmental impact assessment of the project.