Social Dialogue

Gender Impact Assessment of Policies for the Project ‘Gender Mainstreaming – in Practice’

The aim of this gender impact assessment is to assess 4 national policy documents namely The National Sexual Health Policy for the Maltese Islands, the Draft National Children’s Policy, the Budget Speech 2012 and the Teleworking Policy in the Public Administration, from a gender perspective.

ASISP – Analytical Support on the Socio-Economic Impact of Social Protection Reforms in the EU Member States and EFTA/EEA, candidate and pre-candidate countries

Country Experts for Malta in the field of Pensions, Health and Long-term Care.

Report on the Single Market and the EU2020 Process: Green Paper on Consumer Collective Redress

Drafting of an expert opinion on the Single Market and the EU2020 process: Green Paper on Consumer Collective Redress, which was consequently adopted by the Council.

Impact Assessment of Revision in Water and Electricity Tariffs

A microeconomic exercise on the impacts on households and business of proposed increases in electricity and water tariffs. This entailed the use of individual household- and business-level database to evaluate impacts on disposable income and value added, subject to the estimation and use of demand functions to allow for income and price elasticity responses.

Pre-Budget 2010 Consultations

Moderating and consolidating of inputs by social partners for the purposes of consolidating the feedback provided by the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development in the context of the pre-Budget 2010 consultations.