E-Cubed Consultants contributed to the ‘Yacht and Superyacht Symposium 2016’ organized by the Malta Institute of Management on the 9th of June.

Ms. Amanda Borg and Ms. Maria Cini presented the economic study entitled ‘The Economic Contribution of the Superyacht Industry to the Maltese Economy’ which they prepared together with Dr. Gordon Cordina.

The study includes a background to the Superyacht industry from the global to the European and Mediterranean perspective within the context of the Blue Growth Strategy and the Integrated Maritime Policy for Malta. The Economic Impact of the Superyacht Industry in Malta presents the contribution to value added and employment and is estimated on the basis of the direct, indirect and induced contribution using a combination of sources namely international literature as well as data obtained from local operators.  High-level recommendations are also presented for consideration by policy makers, drawn up on the basis of the SWOT analysis.