A Training Event for Senior Management of Tumas Group  entitled ‘Economic Review for Business Advantage‘ has recently been completed. The duration of the programme was 22 hours and was led by Gordon Cordina and Amanda Borg .

The event was oriented towards senior management strategic thinkers within Tumas Group, who may be leaders in their respective fields, and wanted to gain a more thorough understanding of how economic developments impact their specific business area and those within the group. The material was delivered in a manner which emphasized impacts from economy to business, as well as from the business to the economy given the importance of Tumas Group to the Maltese economy.

The science of economics provides useful insights into the analysis and rationalisation of specific business situations in a manner which can be usefully applied to derive creative solutions to problems. The event reviewed these approaches and provided the opportunity to apply them in practical exercises and discussion about business situations specific to the group.