Period: 2010-2013 Client: University of Geneve / ESPON

E-Cubed Consultants collaborated with a number of international partners on the ESPON Geospecs project. The specific contribution of E-Cubed Consultants consisted of the following elements:

– overall responsibility for the Islands Geographic Specificity within the project, entailing the preparation of statistical analysis, reports, case studies and policy papers relevant at the EU, national and regional levels, covering islands in the ESPON region;

– overall responsibility for the Residential Attractiveness theme, entailing primarily a review of literature and policy implications associated with this theme and applied across the entire set of geographic specificities encompassed in the project;

– contribution to the overall effort of the project towards the compilation of demographic, economic, social and environmental data at LAU2 level for specific ESPON regions, to be used by the partners within the project, and which itself constitutes an innovation in terms of the granularity of the data set.

In the course of its activities, E-Cubed Consultants prepared reports and gave presentations to partners within the project itself and to outside stakeholders, especially in the process of obtaining feedback on the results of the work done. Among the major results achieved by E-Cubed are the development of the notion of islandness as a variable subject to a spectrum of determining factors, the identification of the potential role of  islands towards the EU2020 objectives, and a reassessment of the special needs of EU islands from the perspective of a top-down bottom-up approach to regional policy aimed at building resilience through a participatory approach.

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