New addition to Consultant Team

E-Cubed Consultants welcome Bernice Amaira to the team.

Bernice will be strengthening our expertise in the general field of economic analysis and reporting.


Yacht and Superyacht Symposium 2016

 E-Cubed Consultants contributed to the ‘Yacht and Superyacht Symposium 2016’ organized by the Malta Institute of Management on the 9th of June.
Ms. Amanda Borg and Ms. Maria Cini presented the economic study entitled ‘The Economic Contribution of the Superyacht Industry to the Maltese Economy’ which they prepared together with Dr. Gordon Cordina.

The study includes a […]

Participation in the Euro Seminar


Gordon Cordina was in the panel at the Euro Debate to discuss the survival of the Euro

Training seminars

A Training Event for Senior Management of Tumas Group  entitled ‘Economic Review for Business Advantage’ has recently been completed. The duration of the programme was 22 hours and was led by Gordon Cordina and Amanda Borg .

The event was oriented towards senior management strategic thinkers within Tumas Group, who may be leaders in their respective fields, and wanted to […]

Internal Training on ‘Mathematical, Statistical and Programming Techniques for Applied Economic Analysis’

E-Cubed Consultants participated in the Training Aid Framework 2. Our staff have just completed the 24-hour training, led by Gordon Cordina.
E-Cubed Consultants Ltd has developed a leading role in the provision of applied economic analysis in Malta based on the use of mathematical and statistical techniques. This is being delivered through bespoke solutions involving the […]