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Cost Benefit Analysis for Deep Water Quay and Grand Harbour Passenger Infrastructure Projects

Collaboration with Ecorys b.v. on a Transport Malta project resulting in and update of an existing financial feasibility report, a separate cost benefit analysis including funding gap analysis for each of the infrastructure projects drawn at the financing application level and relevant input to the EU financing application.

Administrative Costs of EU Cohesion Policy

National Expert  for Malta: The report assesses how much manpower and costs are needed to administer EU Cohesion Policy, at the national policy level, programme management, programme certification and programme audit. A number of interviews were conducted to elicit the required data.

The Objective of Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion in Member States Regional Policies

The report  focuses on the regional problem in Malta essentially by focusing on policy documents in relation to Gozo. The report also assesses regional policy in particular the nature of the policy response and the policy features.

Report on the Single Market and the EU2020 Process: Green Paper on Consumer Collective Redress

Drafting of an expert opinion on the Single Market and the EU2020 process: Green Paper on Consumer Collective Redress, which was consequently adopted by the Council.

Impact Assessment of Revision in Water and Electricity Tariffs

A microeconomic exercise on the impacts on households and business of proposed increases in electricity and water tariffs. This entailed the use of individual household- and business-level database to evaluate impacts on disposable income and value added, subject to the estimation and use of demand functions to allow for income and price elasticity responses.