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European Perspective on Specific Type of Territories / GEOSPECS (ESPON 2013)

E-Cubed Consultants collaborated with a number of international partners
on the ESPON Geospecs project. The specific contribution of E-Cubed
Consultants consisted of the following elements:

– overall responsibility for the Islands Geographic Specificity within
the project, entailing the preparation of statistical analysis, reports,
case studies and policy papers relevant at the EU, national and regional
levels, covering islands in the ESPON […]

EVALNET – Expert Evaluation Network delivering Policy Analysis on the Performance of Cohesion Policy 2007-2013

Country Experts for Malta drafting  a policy paper on renewable energy and energy efficiency in residential housing in Malta and drafting a country report on achievements of cohesion policy in Malta

ASISP – Analytical Support on the Socio-Economic Impact of Social Protection Reforms in the EU Member States and EFTA/EEA, candidate and pre-candidate countries

Country Experts for Malta in the field of Pensions, Health and Long-term Care.

Cost Benefit Analysis for Deep Water Quay and Grand Harbour Passenger Infrastructure Projects

Collaboration with Ecorys b.v. on a Transport Malta project resulting in and update of an existing financial feasibility report, a separate cost benefit analysis including funding gap analysis for each of the infrastructure projects drawn at the financing application level and relevant input to the EU financing application.

Administrative Costs of EU Cohesion Policy

National Expert  for Malta: The report assesses how much manpower and costs are needed to administer EU Cohesion Policy, at the national policy level, programme management, programme certification and programme audit. A number of interviews were conducted to elicit the required data.