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Cost Benefit Analysis of a National Interactive Science Centre

The CBA considers the feasibility of the development of an interactive science centre towards science popularisation in Malta. This is within the need to increase human capital in science activities in the country. The options analysis is based on the optimum site selection. The study presents analyses of the financial and economic performance of the […]

Cost Benefit Analysis for Water Reclamation

This CBA considers the economic viability of waste water reclamation, considering an array of options and developing a demand analysis taking into consideration the role of groundwater resources in Malta with the water balance in the Maltaese islands. Typical of a CBA, this assessment considers the financial and economic feasibility of the chosen option as […]

Feasibility Study and Cost Benefit Analysis – Malta MBT Plant EPCM Project

The project involved preparing a cost benefit assessment for the purposes of application of cohesion funding for a Mechanical and Biological Treatment plant aimed at processing two/thirds of municipal waste in Malta. The assignment included modelling of waste generation treatment and processing, a demand analysis, the determination of affordability of polluter pays charges across different […]

Survey and Economic Model on Labour Demand and Supply of ICT Skills in Malta

Work in collaboration with INSEAD for MITA includes the development of an economic model which takes into account labour demand and labour supply of ICT skills in Malta . The model is  set in a manner to allow for a 3 year forecast whereby labour supply focuses on the supply of ICT graduates and certified […]

Gender Impact Assessment of Policies for the Project ‘Gender Mainstreaming – in Practice’

The aim of this gender impact assessment is to assess 4 national policy documents namely The National Sexual Health Policy for the Maltese Islands, the Draft National Children’s Policy, the Budget Speech 2012 and the Teleworking Policy in the Public Administration, from a gender perspective.