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Contributing to ESPON Study on Territorial Diversity – A Case Study on Double Insularity in the Maltese Archipelago

The project involved participation in an ESPON research project on studying the threats and opportunities of territorial diversity as relevant to double insularity issues.

Training Seminars on Economic Dynamics and Challenges: A Strategic Decision-Making Perspective

A series of seminars and workshops, the objective of which was to impart thinking skills to enable the use of concepts in Economics for strategic decision-making as well as to give an insight into the performance of the Maltese economy.

Report on Territorial Diversity (TeDi) within Malta with a special emphasis on the island of Gozo

The report addressed the issue of economic and social development in regions with geographic specificities such as mountainousness, insularity, demographic sparsity and high population density in peripheral regions using Gozo for illustration as a Case Story area. This report was part of a wider European project on territorial diversity coordinated under the ESPON network.

Social, Economic and Territorial Cohesion Report – Malta

A review of national and subnational economic policies aimed at economic, social and territorial cohesion for the report; ‘The Objective of Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion in Member States’ Regional
Policies’. The report is part of a larger report that was coordinated by the University of Strathclyde.

Strategic Training in Economic Forecasting Methods

Delivery of a series of lectures on different forecasting methods to be used by the Central Bank of Malta. The project is being conducted in collaboration with the University of Malta